Learn up to date technologies and tools, build your own application and connect with potential employers!

We teach you all the skills you need to work in a modern development team and produce web and mobile applications and prepare you for a job fair at the end of the course.

Whatever stage of your college program you are in, we can tell you whether you are ready for a co-op or a paid position at a company.

*Free for Lambton College students



We offer both a Basic and Advanced course. The Basic course focuses on the fundamentals needed to work (as a co-op) for a company and working in group projects. The Advanced course focuses on the high level frameworks and coding skills that would be expected from a paid position. 


Next Cohort: Basic

When: May 22nd, 2018, 6pm-9pm

Where: TBD

Ending: June 19th , 2018

Job Fair: Startup Career Expo - Week of June 25th

*Note: For the Basic course you need a basic level of REAL coding skills in HTML/CSSJavascript for web and either Swift or Java/Android Studio for mobile in order to do this course. In addition to knowing these languages, you should having practical knowledge of:

  • Setting up the coding environment

  • Creating variables

  • Writing and using different functions

  • Various types of 'Loops' and 'Conditions'

  • How to build different layouts

  • Dealing with different event handling

For the Basic course, you need to pass the Basic coding test ahead of the Basic class starting. For more information about course requirements email Abhishek Gautam: prodigidevelopment@gmail.com


Whether you have a co-op placement, applied research project or will be doing a co-op in the future, these are the skills you need to get up to speed quickly.

If you have a current co-op placement, we can also help involve your company so you can learn the skills and their code at the same time.


If you have any questions, email us at prodigidevelopment@gmail.com

This course is provided by Sarnia-Lambton Youth Skills Connection.


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