What we do?

Run a course to prepare web and mobile developers for the Canadian workforce.

Teach the practical and technical skills needed for students to be job ready.

Help connect employers with job ready students in our job fairs.

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In the course, students learn to


Code using object orientation and frameworks for web and mobile development


Work in the Agile and Lean environment


Use version control and create a GitHub profile


Make and publish their own app


Collaborate to produce a group app


Be interview and job ready



Who we are?

We started as a development agency that worked with students to help produce prototypes and MVP’s for startups and small businesses.

From there, companies started hiring us to help train their students as they onboard them to the company.

That evolved into the course we run today, taking what we learned from training our own and then other companies international students as they started co-op placements or junior developer jobs.

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