ProDigi Development Job Fair

At the conclusion of every cohort of our course we run a job fair to connect our students with employers looking to hire co-ops or junior developers.


What to Expect:

Companies that attend can:

  • Engage with students well ahead of their co-op term

  • Prepare students to fit your future job description

  • Get access to funding for hiring

  • Get insight into the most experienced and job ready candidates


To learn more about the funding program, register now. 


Who To Expect:

The job fair is attended by Lambton College students, most of whom have graduated from our course. These students:

  • Have a range of experience but their skills have been validated by their work in the course

  • Are looking for unpaid and paid co-ops, full time jobs and in some cases, volunteer opportunities

  • Are job ready and will have examples of work they have done to show

  • Are eager and looking for relevant Canadian experience they hope can turn into a full time job


Our upcoming job fair:

Date: Week of June 25th

Time:  TBD

Location: TBD


A few reasons why you should attend our job fairs


Cost effective development labor

Help a newcomer to Canada


Validated and modern skillset

Eager to learn and diligent

Quick learner and dedicated


Looking for co-op September, 2018

Range of experience

Need Canadian work experience