Nick Corneil on "How to find and succeed in a developer job" 


Event Details: 

Date: Tuesday, 17th April, 11:30am - 12:30pm

Speaker: Nick Corneil, Founder Trainer+

Topic: "How to find and succeed in a developer job"

Venue: Atrium Area, Lambton College in Toronto




The seminar will be covering:

  • resume and cover letter writing,

  • targeting companies,

  • applying for jobs,

  • interviews

  • how to succeed once you get the job/placement

  • specific challenges for international students

Nick will also provide insight into both the experience of past Lambton students and companies that have hired them.

Is not just about getting a job placement, its about thriving in it so you can turn it into a full time role. He will be talking how students fail to find and survive in a developer role and give some hands-on tips to achieve that.  


Speakers Bio:

In building his own tech company, Nick has gained experience hiring and managing developers, including many international students (12 Lambton co-ops included). This experience has led him to understand the gap between what students learn in school and what is needed to start working at a company as a developer.

It started with developing a process for his company to better teach co-op students the technical and practical skills needed to get up to velocity faster, which led to helping other companies by teaching their students as well. This led to the ProDigi Developer course and job fairs, where these practical skills are taught for any student entering the workforce.

Throughout this process, Nick has not only experienced the hiring process himself, but spoken with and helped many other company founders and hiring managers hire Lambton students, in addition to the students themselves. This seminar will cover what he has learned in this process, in a very honest and straightforward way for Lambton students, and the challenges you will face and you enter the workforce. 

Hope to see you there!